Prabhakar Kolte’s Seminal Exhibition

"I have been practising my way of painting and it will continue till my last breath. For me painting is my passion, it's my breath and life."

Veteran Abstractionist Prabhakar Koltes seminal exhibition ‘The Minds Eye’, curated by Uma Nair was inaugurated at Treasure Art Gallery (TAG) in the Capital.

One of the pioneers of Indian Abstract Expressionism, Kolte has been successfully carrying forward his unique abstract language for over five decades with timely innovations, experiments and changes within the same, in order to make the paintings fresh and alive. TAG houses the largest inventory of the artist’s works till now and has the ability to create a new collector base for the artist.

Kolte a famed Professor of J.J. School of Art and deeply loved by his students and collectors alike was present for the show. He ranks amongst India’s finest artists according to Nair who has followed his work for more than 3 decades. The seminal exhibition includes the portraits and still life works made during the early stages of his career, the paintings made during the formative years and the mature works made during and after realizing the hallmark art lingua that established his position in the modern art discourse.

Uma Nair, Curator, The Mind’s Eye, said, “The Kolte solo show has stellar works of art and they range over a period of time while most belong to the past 10 years. Amongst canvases and works on paper and drawings are three intriguing installations that add to Kolte’s repertoire of creativity. The show is expected to run for a few months so that many art lovers and students of art have the opportunity to discover this great master from Mumbai.”

TAG launched officially on 9th Oct 2021 with the debut solo exhibition of the abstract master Prabhakar Kolte one of the greatest mentors of the Sir J.J. School of Art Mumbai. For curator Uma Nair, “The most intrinsic quality of the gallery is the light-filled window spaces and the fact that you can glimpse the masterpiece in the window as you pass by in your car.”

The avant-garde gallery, owned by Tina Chandroji with two partners, located in Defence Colony is made up of two exhibition spaces that make it one of the biggest spaces for exhibitions in Delhi. The contemporary art gallery plans to work with emerging and established artists with the central aim of allowing their work to grow both in terms of the production of new projects and the making of new exhibitions.

“I have been practising my way of painting and it will continue till my last breath. For me painting is my passion, it’s my breath and life. I am really glad to showcase my diverse practice with the official launch of Treasure Art Gallery in Delhi. I have full faith that Treasure Art Gallery will be a great treasure to the existing art ecosystem and will definitely add value to it. My best wishes and support are there with TAG in this new journey.” said, Kolte.

Done largely during the pandemic, the art underlines a colourful zest for life. An intense spontaneity, well-tuned to the multiple rhythms of colours, runs across fiving you enough freedom to discover your own personal intimations of meaning and memory. A very well-appointed gallery, elegantly designed, with a magnificent show,” said Ashok Vajpeyi, Indian Poet, Noted cultural & Arts Administrator

Adwaita Gadanayak, Director General, National Gallery of Modern Art said, “I am delighted to be with our art fraternity this evening and see the works of master abstractionist Prabhakar Kolte and absolutely in agreement with the artist’s view that we should not seek for the explanatory note about the artworks. These can be felt and the viewers can decipher their own meaning looking at these masterpieces.”

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