Here’s how Quran converted the motivational speaker from Sabrimala to Fathima

“You people have a wonderful amazing book hiding in your homes. World must read this.”

Makkah: Motivational speaker Sabrimala Jayakandhan, a native of Tamil Nadu, who has recently embraced Islam, is now in Makkah to perform Umrah.

She shared the video of her first visit to Makkah.

Born on December 26, 1982 in Madurai, to Alagharsamy and Kalaiyarasi, Sabrimala married to Jayakanthan and have a son named Jayacholan.

Initially Sabrimala ran campaigns for rural area students. She later became a motivational speaker. She is also involved in community service since 2002. She is a feminist, fighting for educational equality and the protection of girls’ and women’s rights. In 2017 she started an organization called “Vision 2040” in Tamil Nadu. She also launched ‘Pen Viduthalai Katchi’ – a political party, in 2020.

Sabrimala has now embraced Islam and changed her name to Fatimah. Regarding her journey towards Islam, she reportedly said, “I asked myself why so much hate against Muslims in the country, I started reading Quran as a neutral person. Then I know the truth, Now, I love Islam more than myself”

Requesting Muslims to introduce Quran to fellow humans, she says, “You people have a wonderful amazing book hiding in your homes. World must read this.”

As reported by, as a motivational speaker, Sabrimala has been a panel speaker on more than 200 platforms. She has also moderated several TV programs on Vander TV, News7 TV, Jaya TV, etc.

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