While writing anti-Islam book Joram Van Klaveren became Muslim!

Joram Van Klaveren, a far-right Dutch politician and Geert Wilders’ (known as the “godfather of Dutch far-right extremism”) right-hand man became a devout Muslim in 2019. Interestingly, he became Muslim while writing an anti-Islam book.

Here is his journey of becoming a Muslim.

While writing an anti-Islam book, Klaveren’s perspective on Muslims began to change. The process of understanding Islam cleared his doubts and apprehensions, leading him to accept Islam.

For years, he did everything against Islam as a politician. He tried to pass legislation to shut down all Islamic schools in the Netherlands. He attempted to close every mosque in his country, and he even tried to ban the Quran, the divine book he used to call poison.

He was convinced that Islam was violent, anti-women, anti-Christian and promoted terrorism.

After he left politics, he was writing an anti-Islam book. But during his research against Islam, he was confronted with so many facts that were at odds with the things he used to think about Islam. He also reached out to Muslim scholars, including Professor Abdal Hakim Murad [formerly known as Timothy Winter], to ask questions.

After he studied the life and character of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him), he was absolutely convinced he was truly the messenger of Allah.

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