Facts that The Kashmir Files viewers may not know

The Kashmir Files is in news with many personalities from politicians to common man commenting on the film. The film is being prioritized by BJP-led government and was hailed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.


While almost all BJP-ruled states made ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie tax-free, the Bihar government has decided to arrange a special screening of ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie for MLAs and MLCs of the state on March 25.

Many non-BJP leaders have claimed that ‘The Kashmir Files’ incites hatred against Muslim community. The film is accused of displaying half-truths and unsubstantiated fabrications aiming at inciting hatred against Muslims.

While they succeeded a bit in their plans as calls for extermination of Muslims were witnessed in the theatres after the screening of The Kashmir Files, but many film viewers may not be aware of the facts that when the Kashmiri pandits migrated from Kashmir, it was governor’s rule in J&K and BJP-backed government headed by V.P. Singh was ruling at the centre. Neither the governor nor the central government could stop the exodus. The governor was none other than Jagmohan, who was said to be an RSS man.

In a series of tweets, Kerala Congress wrote: “After the terrorist attacks, instead of providing Pandits security, BJP’s own governor Jagmohan asked them to relocate to Jammu. A large number of Pandit families did not feel secure and left the valley in fear..”

Ironically, BJP who is engineering a Hindu-Muslim divide in the country over Kashmiri Pandit issue, has done nothing for their rehabilitation though BJP government is there both at the Centre and in J&K.

Another fact which is ignored is that that it wasn’t just Kashmiri Pandits who had to migrate or were killed, but many Muslims and Sikhs were also killed.

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