Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet: Naseeruddin Shah has a piece of advice for Modi

"I would appeal to the PM to knock some good sense into these people."

Commenting upon BJP spokesperson’s obnoxious comments on Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should step in and “stop the poison”.

Free Press Journal quoted Shah as saying, “I would appeal to the PM to knock some good sense into these people. If what he believes is what was said at the (Haridwar) Dharma Sansad, he should say so and, if not, he should say so,” He added “I wish that the hate-mongers that the PM follows on Twitter…He has to do something. He needs to step in to prevent the poison from growing.”

Accusing the BJP government for showing double standards Shah called the apology as insincere which hardly meant to assuage hurt feelings. Recalling that the government had said the comments reflected the views of “fringe elements”, Shah pointed out that the lady is not a fringe element but is a national spokesperson.

Blaming news channels for the inflammatory narrative, the actor is quoted as saying, “The hate is manufactured and it is venom that spews when you are confronted with an opposing view. TV news and social media are responsible for this”.

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