Gross direct tax collections up by 30% at Rs 10,93,385 cr in current fiscal

New Delhi: Gross direct tax collections for 2022-23 (up to November 30) are up by 29.66 per cent at Rs 10,93,385 crore, which was over Rs 8,43,301 crore collected during the corresponding period of last year.

The growth has been achieved due to the performance of economy, administration and implementation of the provisions of the direct tax laws, finance ministry sources said.

The Central government has set a target of Rs 14,20,000 crore for collection of direct taxes as per budget estimates for 2022-23.

Meanwhile, direct tax collected in the current fiscal till November 30 was Rs 8,77,470 crore.

In 2021-22, direct tax collections were Rs 14,12,422 crore. In 2020-21, they stood at Rs 9,47,176 crore and in 2019-20 they were Rs 10,50,681 crore.


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