TN to increase salt production

The state government has its own salt, 'Neythal Uppu', which is iodine-mixed rock salt and iodine-mixed powder salt.

Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation will increase its production and commence manufacturing in an area of 3,000 acres in Ramanathapuram district.

Presently the Corporation is producing salt in 5,236 acres of land.

The state government has its own salt, ‘Neythal Uppu’, which is iodine-mixed rock salt and iodine-mixed powder salt.

The Corporation which is producing ‘Neythal Uppu’ has so far sold 25 tonnes in the market.

The state government is also planning to make the salt available through the Public Distribution System (PDS) shops to increase sales

The idea is to distribute salt mixed with iron through the PDS shops and to provide this to the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) so that children are benefitted.

The state’s Department of Industries has already directed the Managing Director of the Corporation to increase production and to procure more land for the same.

The Department has also directed to increase employment opportunities across the state and through an increase in the production of salt and sale through PDS shops to improve the popularity of the salt.

A senior Corporation official told IANS: “The Tamil Nadu Industries Minister has told us to try and scout for land to increase the production of salt. Neythal Uppu is our product and we want to increase its sale.”


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