9-yr-old Affaan stripped, tortured with chilli powder by shop keeper in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A 9-year-old boy named Mohammed Affaan was stripped and tortured with chilli powder on his private parts in Hyderabad, allegedly as punishment for stealing a soft drink from a neighbour’s shop.

The child’s mother lodged a complaint on Monday evening, claiming that a local shop keeper had taken away her son to the terrace of his home, stripped him naked and beaten him after spraying chilli powder on his body. The shop owner identified as Krishna has been arrested.

In a disturbing video, the boy is seen weeping and begging for mercy as he sits naked on the neighbour’s terrace, writhing in pain. It appears that his whole body is hurting and burning because of chilli powder.

A man is heard threatening the child.

The boy’s maternal uncle denied the charges of threat and said that the innocent boy was beaten with a pipe and threatened. He says, “How can he take him away to his house and beat him up like this?” He asserts that the shop keeper could have informed the family about that. He also claims that the shop keeper fails to show CCTV footage that the boy was stealing from his shop as the evidence.

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