Bengal: Student commits suicide after being separated from her ‘same-sex partner’

The hanging body of the victim girl was recovered on December 1. Her father pointed fingers at her friend and batchmate.

Kolkata: A 12th standard student in Malda district of West Bengal reportedly committed suicide after she was separated from her same-sex partner and batchmate.

The hanging body of the victim girl was recovered on December 1. Her father pointed fingers at her friend and batchmate.

The police started investigation in the matter and in the process the cops recovered some messenger chats, social media posts, videos and pictures that clearly hinted towards an emotional bonding between the victim girl and her batchmate.

During interrogation, the victim’s friend confessed to the cops that she was into an emotional bonding with the deceased girl.

She also confessed that both of them realised that their relationship would not be accepted by their families and hence went to Kolkata and started staying at a girl’s hostel at Dum Dum on the northern outskirts of the city.

However, soon after her father brought her back from the hostel and all her connections with her deceased friend stopped, which made the latter mentally frustrated. Her father also confessed that her daughter had an emotional relationship with the deceased girl. “We wonder how two girls can have an emotional bonding among themselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, the family members of the victim have denied the allegations. The victim girl’s father said that actually her friend went to Kolkata with a boy, which was not accepted by her family.

“Her family members had held my deceased daughter responsible for that and often threatened us. They even demanded ransom from us. My niece was suffering from mental depression for quite some time, which might have prompted her to take such an extreme step. There is no question of same-sex relationship behind that incident,” the victim girl’s uncle has claimed.

District police superintendent, Pradip Kumar Yadav refused to make any comment since the matter is under investigation.


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