Cyber fraudsters loot over Rs 91 lakh from woman’s cryptocurrency account

Hyderabad: Cyber fraudsters hacked a woman’s cryptocurrency account and looted over Rs 91 lakh in Hyderabad.

The woman, a resident of Jubilee Hills, who was into digital trading, opened an account with ‘Binance’, a cryptocurrency exchange. She bought cryptocurrency equivalent to Rs 91 lakh.

Telangana Today with reference to Hyderabad Cybercrime police officials reported that a couple of days ago, she found that someone had hacked into her account and transferred cryptocurrency equivalent to Rs 91 lakh.

Police believe that someone who was familiar with her account balance could be behind the hacking.

She lodged a complaint with Hyderabad Cybercrime police. On the basis of the complaint, a case was booked. Investigation is underway.

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