Hyderabad: 3-yr-old Sakina, who was brutally beaten up by father, dies

Hyderabad: A three-year-old girl, who was brutally thrashed by her father in Saifabad died in hospital on Tuesday.

The incident occurred under the jurisdiction of Saifabad police station where a case has been registered against the girl’s father Basith Khan.

Basith is an auto-rickshaw driver and his wife Sana Fathima is now 8 months pregnant. Sakina was the third among the four daughters of Basith. Police believe that he might be disturbed and frustrated due to the family’s economic condition.

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Sakina had stayed too long in the washroom and was playing with water. After she refused to pay heed to Basith’s annoyance, an angry Basith went in with a ladle and started beating her.

Fathima tried to intervene but was pushed away by Basith who dropped the girl on the floor in anger. Fathima found froth coming out of child’s mouth. She rushed her to a nearby clinic but was referred to the Osmania General hospital, where she was in coma. She succumbed on Tuesday.

A case under Section 307 of Indian Penal Code and 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act was booked against the father and later was altered to one under Section 302 of the IPC. Telangana Today reported.

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