Hyderabad: School bus carrying 20 children collides with lorry

Hyderabad: A bus carrying was 20 students collided with a lorry loaded with granite. Fortunately, the students escaped unhurt.

The accident that occurred in Dundigal, a suburb of Hyderabad.  One the Friday morning a school bus of ‘The Creek Planet School’ was carrying the students. At a U turn in Bahadurpally, Sri Ram Nagar Colony a lorry loaded with granite which was heading towards Gandimaisamma, Balanagar lost control and collided with the school bus.

At the time of the accident, there were more than 20 students in the bus. Fortunately, none of the students on the bus were injured. Urdu Leaks reported.

However, a woman standing on the road was injured in this accident and was shifted to the hospital. The local people got angry and began protest resulting in traffic jam.

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