Hyderabad: Woman strangulates 7-yr-old stepson to death

Sarita did not like Ujwal and decided to eliminate him.

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, a woman allegedly killed her 7-year-old stepson. She was arrested by the Kachiguda police on Sunday.

The woman tried to cover it up claiming that the child fell unconscious. The Times of India reported with reference to the police that it was in the second attempt to kill the child.

After the death of Ujwal’s mother, his father got married to Sarita. However, Sarita did not like Ujwal and decided to eliminate him. On Saturday, she throttled Ujwal to death and took him to a local hospital, projecting it as the boy fell unconscious.

The doctors declared the boy was brought dead and suspected foul play. They informed police, who shifted the boy for postmortem. Post-mortem report concluded that the boy died of strangulation.

Following the report, Sarita was taken into custody. During interrogation she admitted to killing the boy.

A case has been registered under Section 302 (murder) of IPC.

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