Maid who committed theft in 100 houses arrested

Ghaziabad: A suspected serial woman burglar who used to target her employer has been arrested by the police here on Wednesday. Using the proceeds of crime, the house maid built a house for herself in Delhi and travels by air.

After stealing gold ornaments from her employers at around 100 houses, the house maid was finally arrested by the police. The woman faces 26 cases in Delhi alone. Besides Delhi, Poonam Shah alias Kajal, targeted people in various cities including Jodhpur, Kolkata and Ghaziabad. Kajal hails from Bhagalpur district of Bihar. She travelled by air whenever she needed to target somebody in a different city.

In the latest case, Kajal stole gold ornaments worth Rs 10 lakh from her employer Vipul Goel’s house in Ghaziabad. Indirapuram police arrested Kajal from Amrapali village society on the basis of CCTV footage and recovered stolen gold ornaments worth Rs 3 lakh.

Kajal had planned this theft with the help of her accomplice Bunty. After decamping with them the duoh divided the stolen gold ornaments among themselves.

During interrogation, Kajal confessed that she purchased a land plot in Uttam Nagar in Delhi and constructed a house on that using the stolen gold ornaments. News Drum reported.

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