Missing Telangana youth traced in Kakinada

Kakinada: A youth from Suryapeta town in Telangana state who left the house distressed by domestic problems, leaving a message to the parents that he was going to commit suicide, has at last been traced at Kakinada railway station within twenty four hours.

Thanks to the Police and the information technology which helped in tracking the movements of the youth with the cell phone signals and traced him while loitering at the town railway station here .

The youth identified by the police as Hitesh alias Sunny (22) has left the house overnight and sent a message to his parents through the cell phone of his friend informing that he was vexed with the scenario at the domestic front and going to end his life.

The agitated parents along with relatives launched a hectic search for him and based on the information given by his friend that he might be in Kakinada, had approached the assistance of the East Godavari police through the central command control room.

SP Ravindranath babu has promptly responded and alerted all the police stations in the district, especially the Kakinada city police. On an alert message from the SP, the Two town police station house officer Peddireddi Ramachandrarao who was on the night patrolling, with the help of the IT core team could successfully track the movements of the missing youth.

The signal tower near the railway station gave the much needed information .The Inspector along with his staff could locate him while loitering near the town railway station.

He was moved to the Two town police station and after providing food , the Inspector counseled him and informed both the SP who in turn sent a message to the parents.

The agonized parents reached here in the morning and profusely thanked the police especially the SP Ravindranath babu and the Inspector Peddireddi Ramachandra rao for their untiring efforts in tracing the youth and handing him over safely, paving the way for the happy reunion.

Their return trip to their native place was also arranged with a police escort.

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