Negligence of electricity department claims 10-yr-old girl’s life

Khammam: A 10-year-old girl died due to electric shock while charging her mobile phone. The tragic incident took place a village of Telangana’s Khammam district. According to the details, Niharika (10), daughter of Baswaraju and Jayanthi studied in class IV.

At around eight o’clock in the night, while charging her mobile phone at home, she received an electric shock and died on the spot.

The villagers said that the incident happened due to poor earthing of the transformer in the village which was not working properly.

According to them power problem has been plaguing them for the last 20 days and their fans and TVs were being damaged due to power problems. 

The villagers complained that they brought it to the attention of the electricity authorities but no action was taken. The villagers said that the girl died due to the negligence of the officials of the electricity department.

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