Nizamabad: 4 of a Tolichowki family die, 3 seriously injured, in a road accident

Nizamabad: Four of a family died in a tragic road accident occurred in Nizamabad district. The accident occurred at national highway 44 under the jurisdiction of Mukpal police station.

As per the details seven persons belonging to Tolichowki Hyderabad were going to Maharashtra from Hyderabad, when the card hit the divider at the national highway 44.

The impact was so huge that Minhaj Begum, Tolichowki, Syed Sami of Maharashtra, 6-year-old Akheel Ahmed of Tolichowki, (son of Minhaj Begum), 2 year old daughter of Minhaj Begum died on the spot.

While 19-year-old Syeda Sadia, 5-year-old Syed Adil, 34-year-old Syed Omer were seriously injured. They were rushed to Armoor government hospital.

Overspeeding is suspected to be the cause of the accident. The car hit the median and rolled over to the opposite side and hit the railings. Police had to struggle retrieving the dead bodies.

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