Two infant girls die after branded with hot iron rod by ‘faith healers’

Shahdol: A case has been registered cases against two women in two separate cases for branding the infant girls with hot bangles for treatment. The incidents occurred in the tribal district of Madhya Pradesh’s Shahdol.

According to the Shahdol Police, two separate cases have been registered in Singhpur police station area last night for branding the innocent girls with hot bangles resulting in death of girls.

The incident came to light after second tribal child’s death allegedly due to branding with a hot iron rod. A women faith healer branded the girl as part of the traditional method to cure ailments called ‘daagna’. The 3-month-old girl, who died on Saturday, was allegedly branded 24 times by a hot iron rod in the name of treatment.

The body of a two-and-half-month-old girl who died in similar circumstances was exhumed on Friday. According to the infant’s mother, the child was unwell and she took her to a woman faith healer who branded her more than 51 times with a hot iron.

A case has been registered against 40-year-old Ramvatia Charmakar. The other accused is yet to be identified.

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