40% of Muslim students failed due to inadequate coaching and guidance: Study

HYDERABAD: According to a recent study, 40% of students from the Muslim community did not pass the Intermediate examinations due to inadequate coaching and guidance. The study was conducted by the Social Data Initiative Forum.

Syed Khalid Saifullah of Social Data Initiative Forum informed that, of the 4.19 lakh students who appeared for the Intermediate examinations this year, 71,619 were Muslims.

The study revealed that while the overall failure rate in the state is 36%, it rises to 40% for Muslim students, with a total of 32,686 Muslim students failing.

Highlighting the significant failure rate among Muslim students in Hyderabad, the study noted that a staggering 50% did not clear their Intermediate exams.

Khalid Saifullah told that keeping in view the situation, Social Data Initiative Forum, in collaboration with Shaheen Academy, has launched a website that offers free online classes in all subjects.
“The website, provides comprehensive educational resources, and support to help students overcome their academic challenges,”  he said .

He claimed that a comparison between Muslim students from Hyderabad and those from other districts reveals that Muslim students from Hyderabad had fared badly in the Intermediate exams when compared with their counterparts in districts.

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