Farah Hussain becomes IAS without coaching

Hard work and self-confidence are the keys to success; IAS Farah Hussain has proved this. Farah Hussain, who was born in a Muslim family in Jhanjhunu district of Rajasthan, has proved that it is a myth that girls in Muslim families are not educated much and are also married off at a young age.

Farah’s family supported her so much that at the age of just 26, Farah cleared the country’s most difficult exam UPSC in 2016 with a rank of 267.

Farah was born in Nawan village of Jhanjhunu district. She was determined since her childhood. Her father Ashfaq Hussain was the District Collector. Her elder brother is a lawyer in the Rajasthan High Court. Her uncle was a police officer. More than 14 members of are family are holding high positions.

Farah Hussain secured 267th rank in 2016 after preparing for 10-15 hours daily. By doing so, she became the second Muslim IAS of Rajasthan. By clearing the UPSC exam without coaching, Farah has also set an example for millions of youngsters.

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