NEET PG 2023: SC verdict on postponement requests

NEET PG 2023 was supposed to take place on March 5 but the petitioners wanted it moved up.

New Delhi: the Supreme Court of India dismisses the pleas regarding postponement of NEET PG 2023 entrance exam . NEET PG 2023 was supposed to take place on March 5. However, the petitioners wanted it moved up. They said there wasn’t enough time to study for the test.

According to the petitioners, counselling cannot start before August 11, the deadline for internship applications, if the NEET PG is held on March 5.

According to senior attorney Gopal Sankaranarayanan, there is never a delay of more than two months between the internship deadline and the exam.

Only 6,000 students applied during the second window, according to ASG Bhati, while the remaining 2.03 lakh candidates completed their applications within the first window. Only a minority of candidates are asking for the postponement.

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