Both Muslim and Hindu owners refuse to rent Uorfi Javed a house; here’s why

Uorfi Javed, who is often in news for her outfit choices, is struggling to get a rented house in Mumbai.

She took to Twitter on Tuesday stating, “Muslim owners don’t want to rent me house because of the way I dress, Hindi (Hindu) owners don’t want to rent me because I’m Muslim. Some owners have an issue with the political threats I get. Finding a rental apartment in Mumbai is so tuff (tough).”

In another tweet she added, “It’s literally every time man. Single, Muslim, actress – impossible to find a house.”

While few Twitterati sympathized with her, others taunted her by saying, “Yeh pehle sochna tha na (you should have thought of all this earlier). Actions have reaction!”  “Why not dress in an appropriate manner so that you can get to stay in both Muslim and Hindu areas?”

Often in news for her unusual outfits, Uorfi who started her career as a TV actor, and has been seen in a number of reality shows, such as Bigg Boss OTT (2021).

Maharashtra Mahila Morcha president Chitra Kishor Wagh also filed a police complaint against Uorfi claiming that the actor’s dress sense was ‘vulgar’ and a threat to society. Demanding Uorfi’s arrest, the leader accused Uorfi of roaming the streets of Mumbai ‘exhibiting her body’. Chitra claimed that the actor’s public display of her body had become a social media topic.

Uorfi was detained in Dubai last year for shooting videos in revealing clothes.

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