Pori Moni Sends Cryptic Message to Her ‘Haters’

Pori Moni was freed on Wednesday after 27 days in jail, a day after she was granted bail on a 50,000 taka bond.

Dhaka: Popular Bangladeshi actor Pori Moni has slammed her haters by sending a cryptic message to them after walking out of jail.

Pori Moni was freed on Wednesday after 27 days in jail, a day after she was granted bail on a 50,000 taka bond.

People had gathered outside the Kashimpur women’s jail from where Pori Moni walked out. As the actress waved at the crowd who came to greet her, a close view of her palm revealed that had she written “Don’t <3 <3 <3 me Bit*h”.

When questioned about the cryptic message on her hand, the actress replied wittily that the message is dedicated to her haters, who were happy with her imprisonment.

She said it was for “those two-faced snakes” who envied her but pretended to be “extra sweet” in front of her.

“Anyone is free to assume that the message is about them. I really can’t list out the names right now. They were really happy when I was arrested and taken to jail. Some of them even started celebrating upon my arrest.”

The actress said none of the people who would spend time with her came forward to help her when she was in jail.

“Where were those people when I was in jail suffering alone,” said the actress, adding that these two-faced snakes will welcome her again after her bail.

“As soon as I returned home, the very people who were criticising me about the whole incident started telling me that they were missing me and that they love me a lot,” Pori Moni told the media.

“I have just one thing to say to them: I don’t need your love. You don’t need to shower me with your fake concern as I only love the people who truly have kept me in their heart,” the actress added.

She has also been given an eviction notice to leave her house after she received bail on Wednesday. She said: “I was asked to leave the house immediately upon returning.”

“I really don’t know where I will find a house at such short notice. I really can’t understand why this is happening to me.”

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