Rahat Indori Death Anniversary: Remembering the Celebrated Poet

The renowned poet actively participated in Mushairas and Kavi Sammelans for more than 40 years.

Hyderabad: Today marks the first death anniversary of Dr. Rahat Indori, a prominent Urdu poet and lyricist in the Indian film industry. The celebrated poet is well-known among folks for his distinctive style of poetry recital. He was born on 1st Jan 1950 in Indore. Rahat Indori actively participated in Mushairas and Kavi Sammelans for more than 40 years. He travelled around the globe to recite poetry.

Rahat received his PhD in Urdu literature from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhoj University in 1985 for his thesis ‘Urdu Main Mushaira’. He appeared on multiple TV shows including The Kapil Sharma Show.

On 10 August 2020 He was taken to Aurobindo Hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, after testing positive with COVID-19. Dr. Rahat died of cardiac arrest on 11 August. He authored a number of books during his lifetime.

Here are some of his most loved couplets:

Jo Aaj Sahibe Mansad Hai Kal Nahi Honge,
Kiraydaar Hai Zaati Makaan Thodi Hai
Sab Ka Khoon Hai Shaamil Yahan Ki Mitti Main,
Kisi Ke Baap Ka Hindustaan Thodi Hai

Kabhi akele mein milkar jhinjod dunga usse,
Jaha jaha se woh toota hain jod dunga usse
Mujhe woh chhor gya yeh kamaal hain uska,
Irrada maine kiya tha ki chhod dunga usse

Na humsafar na kisi hum- nasheen se niklega,
Hamare paanv ka kaanta hamin se niklega

Aag ke paas kabhi mom ko laakar dekhoon,
Ho izzazat to haath lagaakar dekhoon
Dil ka mandir bada veeran nazar aata hai,
Sochta hoon teri tasveer lagakar dekhoon

Jawaan aankhon ke jugnoo chamak rahe honge,
Ab apne gaon me amrood pak rahe honge
Bhulade mujhko magar, meri ungaliyon ke nishaan,
tere badan pe abhi tak chamak rahe honge

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