Advised people to be alert during rains to fight against seasonal diseases: Dr. Srinivas Rao

In the month of May, three Chikungunya cases were recorded. He said that 6,000 cases of diarrhea have been reported this month and typhoid cases are also being reported more this year.

Hyderabad: The Director of Public Health Dr. Srinivasa Rao advised people to be alert during rains.  He said that it has been raining in the state for the past week, in this connection; people should be alert and fight with seasonal diseases.

Speaking to press persons, here today, the Director of Public Health said that seasonal diseases are prevalent due to bacteria and viruses and they should be vigilant about snakebites. He said that 1,184 dengue cases have been reported in the state so far this year. 

In this 516 cases have been registered in Hyderabad and other cases have been registered in Karimnagar and other districts. He said that malaria cases are also being recorded in the state. He said that 115 cases were reported in Bhadradri, 113 in Malugu, 4 in Bhupalpally in Asifabad and 5 in Nalgonda. 

In the month of May, three Chikungunya cases were recorded. He said that 6,000 cases of diarrhea have been reported this month and typhoid cases are also being reported more this year.

People want to take the “Friday Day – Dry Day” program. People should take proper food and fresh water, food should be hot, and at the same time warm water should be taken. Personal precautions must be taken to avoid seasonal diseases.

If you have a cold, fever or diarrhea, you should consult a doctor immediately, while taking outside food to make it is maintained clean, it is also suggested that minor pains should not be taken lightly. 

He said that tests must be done when there is a fever. Disease test kits are available in all government hospitals. Instead of wasting money by going to private hospitals, it is suggested to go to the nearest government hospital.

He said that all the facilities have been arranged in all the government hospitals keeping in mind the seasonal diseases. In this background of seasonal diseases, pregnant women should reach the hospitals a week before and take treatment. It is advised to be careful in the case of infants, young children and the elderly.

If you have a cold or fever, you should keep it in isolation at home.  People are asked to wear masks.  He said that under guidance of the Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, the health profile pilot program has been completed in Sirsilla and Mulugu districts.

The data is currently being examined. It is stated that the complete activity related to this will be prepared within a few days. He said that health cards will be distributed to them soon. He said that the Chief Minister will soon take a decision on the issue of implementation across the state.

Due to incessant rains and wet weather conditions, health officials and experts are anticipating a rise in Covid infections and dengue in the coming weeks. It will not be surprising to see a rise in seasonal ailments, especially dengue and malaria, apart from Covid positive infections.

People must realise that precaution will go a long way in avoiding unnecessary health complications, Superintendent of Fever Hospital Dr. K. Shankar said. The Health department officials pointed out that Covid-19 infections were already getting reported in significant numbers in Hyderabad but majority of the patients do not need hospitalization.

People who test positive for Covid must isolate themselves so that the virus is not spread to vulnerable populations.

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