Fever Survey; 5.26 lakh individuals identified with Covid symptoms so far in Telangana

Hyderabad: Since launch of fever survey in the state of Telangana on January, the field level workers of health and other government departments have so far visited 1,21,36,778 households and in the process have identified a total of 5,25,853 individuals with Covid symptoms, who were immediately given treatment, handed over special medical kits and advised to remain in isolation.

In the fever outpatient services, which are being simultaneously held in government hospitals across the state of Telangana, so far authorities have conducted a whopping 10 lakh consultations and have provided treatment to over 1,34,716 individuals who were identified with Covid19 symptoms. 

According to the Health officials, the fever and door-to-door surveys, which do not require conducting RT-PCR or rapid antigen tests to confirm Covid-19 status of patients, have enabled authorities to quickly identify people with symptoms, provide them with special treatment kits and isolate them in their homes. 

The first round of the door-to-door survey is already over in several districts of Telangana and to further strengthen the containment measures, second round of fever surveys and special out-patient service are being taken up across Telangana.  

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