Indian drugmaker Marion Biotech halts manufacture of cough syrup, probe underway

A joint inspection of the manufacturer's Noida facility was carried out by the teams of the Uttar Pradesh Drug Control Department and CDSCO.

New Delhi: Indian Pharma company Marion Biotech Pvt Ltd has halted the production of cough syrup following allegations by Uzbekistan that at least 18 children died in the country after consuming the medicine.

A joint inspection of the manufacturer’s Noida facility was carried out by the teams of the Uttar Pradesh Drug Control Department and CDSCO.

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) is in contact with the national drug regulator of Uzbekistan regarding the matter.

“Immediately on receipt of the information, joint inspection of the NOIDA facility of the manufacturer, Marion Biotech, was carried out by UP Drug Control and CDSCO team and further action as appropriate would be initiated based on the inspection report,” said the Union health ministry on Thursday.

The samples of the cough syrup have been taken from the manufacturing premises and sent to Regional Drugs Testing Laboratory (RDTL), Chandigarh for testing.

Meanwhile, Marion Biotech Pharma company has said that it has sent samples of the said cough syrup for testing and has also halted the production of the product.

Hasan, the Legal Head of Marion Biotech, expressed grief over the deaths on behalf of the company and said that an inquiry in the matter was being conducted by the government.

He added that samples were collected and action would be taken on the basis of the report.

Marion Biotech is a licensed manufacturer and holds license for manufacturing of Dok1 Max syrup and Tablet for export purposes granted by Drugs Controller, Uttar Pradesh.

Uzbekistan’s health ministry, on Tuesday, said that 18 children suffering from an acute respiratory disease died after taking excessive doses of cough syrup Dok 1 Max, manufactured by Marion Biotech.

Experts say that cough syrups sometimes contain “unacceptable levels” of Diethylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol. The syrup becomes harmful if there is even a slight difference in their quantity.


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