‘Third wave in Telangana almost over, time to end WFH’

Hyderabad: The third wave of Covid-19 in Telangana has almost come to an end and it is time to put an end to Work From Home (WFH), declared state director of public health and family welfare Dr G. Srinivasa Rao on Tuesday.

He said the third wave which began on December 28 and peaked on January 28 has since been on decline.

The official told reporters that the infection rate has come down to the minimum. The daily positivity rate which had gone to 5 per cent at the peak has now dropped to lower than two per cent.

Rao said it was time to remove the WFH and return to offices. He also called for conducting physical classes. The official said the work from home and online education were leading to mental health problems.

Calling on the information technology companies to resume work from office, the director of public health said the WFH was affecting the livelihood opportunities for people employed in allied services.

The official said online education was not only affecting the studies but was also leading to mental health issues among children.

He said psychological disorders were noted following the Omicron wave. He suggested that those with issues like disorientation and inability to focus should consult their doctors.

Rao claimed that among those affected by Covid during the third wave the severity was low among those vaccinated. Only 2.8 per cent of those vaccinated but infected during the third wave were hospitalised.

Stating that there are no Covid-related restrictions in the state, the director of public health advised people that despite the end of the third wave they should continue adhering to Covid protocol by wearing masks, maintaining social distance and hand sanitisation.

He claimed that the state has effectively tackled the third wave. He pointed out that while people suffered for 10 months due to the first wave and the impact of the second wave was felt for six months, the third wave almost came to an end in just two months.

During the third wave, maximum cases were reported only during 28 days. The highest number of cases (4,800) were reported on January 25.

The health authorities conducted 31 lakh Covid tests during the third wave. Only 3,000 Covid positive cases were admitted to hospitals.

He said door-to-door fever survey and distribution of home isolation kits among those found with Covid symptoms yielded desired results. During the fever survey, the health department distributed 4 lakh home isolation kits.

The director of public health said a new variant was not likely for the next few months. He said Covid may become endemic and in future weaken into a common flu.

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