Congress trying to influence, pressurise law enforcement agencies: Nadda on ED questioning Gandhis

Nadda suggested that if Congress is not happy with the investigation of our law enforcement agencies, they are free to approach courts.

New Delhi: Reacting to protests over ED questioning Gandhis in National Herald case, BJP chief J.P. Nadda on Wednesday said that the Congress party is trying to influence and pressurise law enforcement agencies in order to shield the truth.

Nadda suggested that if Congress is not happy with the investigation of our law enforcement agencies, they are free to approach courts. “The Congress party which is holding protests over the investigation into corruption cases against their top leadership, it is not ‘satyagraha’ but it is ‘duragraha’ in support of lies and corruption,” he said.

Nadda stated that to protest against our law enforcement agencies and to try and sabotage investigation into corruption cases proves that the Congress party is legally on weak footing in the cases of corruption and they do not want the truth to come out.

“The Supreme Court has recently passed a judgment on the powers and jurisdiction of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and the Enforcement Directorate. The Supreme Court has upheld the PMLA and has also validated the jurisdiction of the ED. We honour and respect our Supreme Court and also our Constitution and our law,” the BJP chief said.

Nadda noted that Congress president Sonia Gandhi is being questioned by the ED in the National Herald scam involving thousands of crores of rupees and the Congress party is doing so called ‘satyagraha’ against it.

“It is nothing but an unholy attempt to save the family. This is a political campaign to save one particular family. The Congress party is holding protests against the law enforcement agencies, the Congress party leaders are raising questions over our law enforcement agencies, all this is highly inappropriate and illegal. All this should stop immediately,” he said.

Nadda mentioned that everyone knows that crores of rupees were swindled in the National Herald corruption case and all those linked with this scam should appear before the law enforcement agencies and give their statements, this is their primary responsibility. “But unfortunately the Gandhi family considers itself to be above the law and the country. They cannot tolerate if someone questions them. The Gandhi family considers itself above the law,” Nadda said.

The BJP chief further noted that the nation runs as per the Constitution and as per law, but the Congress party holding protests against the ongoing investigation in the National Herald corruption case is unfortunate and uncalled for which also shows that the Congress party and one particular family, the Gandhi family, consider themselves above the law.

“This is not going to work in our country. Law is the same for all citizens. It is the duty and responsibility of every citizen to follow the law of the land and to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies,” he added.

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