Delhi BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri: Delhi liquor scam guilty must go to jail

Talking to IANS, Bidhuri spoke about irregularities under the excise policy and said that the guilty will have to go to jail.

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party’s Delhi MP Ramesh Bidhuri has alleged that a lot of corruption took place while allotting liquor contracts and a CBI inquiry into the issue will bring out the truth.

Talking to IANS, Bidhuri spoke about irregularities under the excise policy and said that the guilty will have to go to jail.

Q. BJP is accusing the Delhi government of irregularities in the excise policy. What are those irregularities?

A. See, the problem is in their mentality. The excise policy made in 2021 was also made by this government under which it was decided that any blacklisted company will not be given contract.

To prevent cartelisation, a rule was made under which there was a provision of not providing more than two contracts in a zone.

The Kejriwal government waived off Rs 140 crore of liquor contractors in one go, the money which should have been used for the development of Delhi.

Why was there Rs 50 discount on foreign liquor. What relationship does the Kejriwal government have with them.

Q. Do you want to say that corruption has been done?

A. It is a straightforward matter of corruption. When the chief secretary of the Delhi government detected the irregularities, he brought it to the notice of the Delhi government and demanded a probe but in vain.

How was a contractor awarded the contract despite not having an NOC from the Airport Authority of India and incomplete documents.

Even if the contract was awarded, why was the security amount of Rs 30 crore returned to him. Even after grabbing the tender, he could not run it, it was his fault. His security should have been forfeited, why was it returned.

The Delhi government must have cracked the deal with the contractor in the ratio of 50:50 or 25:75.

There is corruption in waiving off Rs 140 crore, Rs 30 crore, Rs 50 discount on foreign liquor and awarding contract to a blacklisted company.

Q: But Arvind Kejriwal considers Manish Sisodia to be very honest.

A: Kejriwal had said this in context of the then law minister Jitender Singh Tomar’s fake degrees, in case of Satyendar Jain too… Kejriwal claims himself to be honest then why his brother-in-law has to commit suicide.

Q. But Kejriwal is claiming that the BJP is after AAP leaders and hatching a conspiracy to get Manish Sisodia arrested.

A. See… the country runs on the basis of law, constitution and the one who indulges in wrong deeds will have to go to jail. People of Delhi have chosen AAP to serve them and not to earn money by indulging in corrupt practices.

Q. What will you say about the CBI inquiry?

A. The CBI is an independent agency. The Lt Governor has recommended a CBI probe into the matter (excise policy). After investigation, the truth will come out in front of everyone.

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