Delhi HC directs police to handover Nizamuddin Markaz keys to Maulana Saad

The court rejected Delhi Police's stand regarding the continuing restrictions at Tablighi Jamaat's headquarters in Nizamuddin.

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Monday directed the Delhi Police to hand over the keys of the Nizamuddin Markaz to Maulana Saad.

“You have taken possession from some person. You return the possession to that person. I am not adjudicating an FIR for title of property, that is not issue before me,” Justice Jasmeet Singh said during the hearing.

The court rejected Delhi Police’s stand regarding the continuing restrictions at Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters in Nizamuddin.

In May, the High Court had permitted the holding of prayers on five floors of the mosque which were closed following the Tablighi Jamaat congregation in 2020.

Justice Jasmeet Singh said that the keys would have to be handed over to the person from whom they were taken. “Are you in possession? In what capacity have you taken possession? The FIR was registered under Epidemic Diseases Act… that is over now,” said the bench.

After Advocate Rajat Nair standing for the police submitted that the possessor of the property will have to come forward, the court asked the Markaz management to go to the police. “You will hand over the keys and impose whatever conditions,” the court told the police.

Delhi Police counsel also submitted that it would not have any objection to handing over the property to him on “furnishing indemnity bond”. However, the court said that no documents would be required to be submitted for the purpose.

The court has disposed of the petition.


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