What Mahua Moitra says on ‘meat ban’ during Navratri?

New Delhi: Reacting over the meat ban row triggered by South Delhi Municipal Corporation mayor Mukesh Suryan’s letter demanding the closure of meat shops in the municipal area during Navratri, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra on Wednesday said the Constitution allows her to eat meat whenever she likes. She added that the same way the constitution allows a shopkeeper the freedom to run his trade.

Taking to twitter, she writes: “I live in South Delhi. The Constitution allows me to eat meat when I like and the shopkeeper the freedom to run his trade. Full stop.”

As reported by Hindustan Times, after the south mayor, the East Delhi mayor too asked meat shops to close as “most people do not consume non-vegetarian food”. According to the reports meat shops in several markets in South Delhi remained shut on Tuesday.

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