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Muslim BJP leader installs Ganesh’s idol at house; faces fatwa

Lucknow: A fatwa has been issued against BJP leader Ruby Asif Khan for worshipping and installing the idol of Lord Ganesha in her house this Ganesh Chaturthi. Ruby is from Aligarh and is the Mandal Vice-President of BJP’s Mahila Morchain Aligarh. Deoband Mufti Arshad Farooqui who has issued the fatwa claimed that Ruby Asifa’s conduct was unIslamic.

Ruby Asif Khan lives in ADA colony. She said that she will keep the idol for seven days and she and her family do puja every day as per rituals and will immerse on September 6. Mufti Arshad Farooqui said idol worship is not allowed in Islam.

The New Indian Express quoted the Mufti as saying, “In Islam, no one is worshipped except Allah. Those who are doing this are against Islam. Those who worship an idol, the same decree is issued against them which is issued for those who go against Islam.”

Responding to the fatwa, Ruby Khan claimed that such clerics and muftis were not true Muslims and they just indulged in the division of society on religious lines. Refused to budge, Ruby claimed that she had faced many such fatwas in the past as well. She said she had always been celebrating Hindu festivals and would continue to do so to maintain Hindu-Muslim unity.

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