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Probe against ‘fake recruit’ being deployed in army

The probe will also look into the possibility of other personnel within the ranks being involved in the racket.

Meerut: An internal probe has been ordered into an alleged security breach at the 108 Infantry Battalion TA (Territorial Army) ‘Mahar’ in Pathankot 272 Transit Camp, where a fake recruit was ‘deployed’ from July to October this year.

Army officials said that the inquiry would focus on the lapses that led to the security breach, how salary of Rs 12,500 per month was disbursed to the fake recruit, how he remained undetected for such a long time in the high security zone, and how he got access to the Insas rifle.

The probe will also look into the possibility of other personnel within the ranks being involved in the racket.

The development comes a day after inputs from military intelligence (MI) led to the arrest of a former sentry of 108 Infantry Battalion TA, Rahul Singh, and one of his two accomplices, Bittu Singh, from Meerut.

Rahul had allegedly taken Rs 16 lakhs from the Ghaziabad-based army aspirant Manoj Kumar by promising him that he would help the latter land a job in the Army.

The accused, who was ‘posted’ as a sentry in the Pathankot-based 272 transit camp, got Manoj inside the centre, provided him with uniform and tasked him with various functions including that of a ‘follower’, a cook and a sentry for which Rahul went to the extent of handing over the Insas rifle issued to him to do duty by proxy so as to convince Manoj that he was indeed ‘recruited’.

Rahul’s accomplice Bittu used to present himself before Manoj as a senior army officer, mostly on video call in full army uniform, complete with medals. It was Bittu who confirmed Manoj’s ‘recruitment’.

SP city Piyush Singh said: “We recovered the uniform, all fake documents, a few stamps and also a country-made pistol from the arrested men. The third accused, Raja Singh, is still at large. All the three accused have been booked based on an FIR filed by Manoj Kumar at Daurala police station in Meerut.”


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