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Two groups clash at Aligarh Muslim University

Agra: Two groups clashed at the Aligarh Muslim University Campus on Sunday night. The clash broke out between Kashmiri students in AMU and Ghazipur’s group and the AMU Centenary Gate was closed by the Kashmiri students.

Two teams each from Proctor’s office and Police Administration intervened and pacified the agitating students. They ensured them of a meeting with the District Magistrate to solve their grievances.

NDTV quoted Sartaj Hafeez, an AMU Student from Kashmir as saying, “The increasing number of attacks on students from Kashmir are ignored. No action is being taken. We are demanding that there should be an inquiry into the attacks that have taken place and strict action should be taken against the culprits. The culture of fighting should also end.”

Additional City Magistrate (II) Sudhir Kumar reached the spot with police personnel. The Centenary gate was closed by the Kashmiri students which was reopened shortly only after the arrival of a team from the university administration.

Kashmiri students have given a memorandum regarding their demands and have also sought time to meet the District Magistrate tomorrow.

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