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10-yr-old national cycle polo player Nida Fatima dies suspiciously ahead of Championship

Alappuzha: Nida Fatima, a 10-year-old national cycle polo player from Alappuzha of Kerala, died suspiciously in Nagpur on Thursday, December 22 ahead of under-14 championship that was to begin on Thursday.

Fatima was not feeling well on Wednesday night. She began vomiting continuously. She was rushed to a hospital in the city. However, she collapsed and died while undergoing treatment. Her body has been sent to the Nagpur Hospital for post mortem.

Nida, a member of the Kerala Cycle Polo Association, was to take part in the under-14 competition of the National Cycle Polo Championship that is happening in Nagpur. 

According to sources, Nida and other contestants of the championship had to stay in a temporary centre since food and accommodation was not provided by the organisers. The players coming here for the championship are being ignored by the national federation. It is being alleged that the Federation’s negligence led to the death of Nida Fatima. Her condition worsened on Thursday morning and she had to be put on ventilator support, but the girl lost her life by afternoon.

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