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Congress call to unite opposition; BJP considers a plot to bring back CPM in Tripura

Three days back Congress MLA and senior politician Sudip Roybarman announced that he would call a meeting of all the opposition parties to unite against BJP alleging that a reign of terror.

Agartala: With the indication of opposition CPI-M and Congress is coming closer against BJP in Tripura ahead of the next assembly election, the ruling party presages voters and reminded the days of 25 years rule of the Left Front in the state, claimed to be worst for ‘democracy and development’.

Three days back Congress MLA and senior politician Sudip Roybarman announced that he would call a meeting of all the opposition parties to unite against BJP alleging that a reign of terror, violence and corruption under the rule of the BJP in Tripura has established where people lost their democratic rights even to vote of their choice.

Welcoming the initiative of Congress leader, former Chief Minister and leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar on Thursday said, “If he wants to take the initiative and becomes successful in accomplishing the task, we have no objections. Our party is going for understanding in the Parliament, in other places as well. If someone is eager to take up the issue, we shall also rise above the narrow political thinking.”

The move of Congress and response from CPI-M, BJP leader and Spokesperson of Tripura government Sushanta Chowdhury observed it’s a move to push the people of the state into the clutch of communists, which was dismantled after a long battle with the strong support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP party in 2018.

Criticizing Roybarman, Chowdhury said, “I personally fought against CPI-M actively in 2008 and 2013 under the leadership of Sudip Roybarman and Congress party. But central Congress leadership never allowed us to win the assembly elections in Tripura and the state was leased out to Communist by Congress. Finally, in 2018 we all fought together and BJP made the defeat of CPI-M.”

He pointed out that in the last four years there were several good things that happened by the BJP-IPFT government in Tripura with the support of the Prime Minister.

The government has been working to bring things in order from the first, as corrupt practices in all the welfare activities right from school admission to the hospitalization of a patient, to offer benefits to the people, and providing jobs were put in the system by CPI-M, Chowdhury stated.

“The violence and terror what had happened during left front’s rule are beyond imagination and not erased from the memory of people. Those days digital platforms and social media were not active that’s why CPI-M leaders and their Congress sympathizers are today posing to be the priest of democracy. But today whatever wrong is being done all at the behest of CPM to malign the government and a part of larger conspiracy,” Chowdhury attributed.

He rued that the Congress had been in fight against CPI-M for the last 25 years and in the by-elections CPI-M voted enmass to Congress, which is a shameful event for the supporters of both the parties and said, “They are trying to mislead the common voters to get into the power corridor conspiring against BJP but I have full faith on the people, at least voters wouldn’t allow CPM to come back.”


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