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‘Democracy prog’ will help strengthen India’s relations with other countries: Goa CM

The CM made the observation while interacting with the 5h batch of the "Gen Next Democracy Network" programme.

Panaji: Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday said the “Gen Next Democracy Network” programme will help strengthen the “multi-faceted” relationship that India shares with other democratic countries.

The chief minister made the observation while interacting with the fifth batch of the “Gen Next Democracy Network” programme, which includes 18 delegates from six democratic countries — Australia, Costa Rica, Greece, South Korea, Romania and Austria.

He said the “Gen Next Democracy Network’ programme is initiated by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and to acquaint itself with the country’s heritage, culture and functioning of Indian democracy.

The programme aims at defining India’s democratic governance structure at various levels and provides an understanding of the success of the country’s democratic journey across the world.

He further said that through this initiative, these young leaders will be able to visit different states and through various interactions, and presentations they will be made aware about India’s glorious history, academic institutions, scientific achievements as well as cultural traditions.

Highlighting the beauty of Goa, he said the government is trying to make it the capital of India in tourism and urged all the delegates to visit different parts of states, beaches, monuments and cities.

“After witnessing the beauty of Goa you will definitely promote Goa as one of the best states in India to visit,” Sawant said.


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