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Ladies dangal in Mumbai local train; video went viral

Mumbai: A fight for a seat among women on board a local train in Mumbai turned into a scuffle and soon the compartment of a local train reserved for women presented the scene of a dangal. Meanwhile, a lady police constable on duty was injured.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, women can be seen fighting with each other in the Thane-Panvel local train.

The reason for the fight was a row between three women passengers on a seat. The matter then escalated into an altercation as more women got involved.

In the video, some female passengers can be seen fighting for seats.

When a lady police constable tried to intervene, she was injured as some women attacked her.

At least three women, including a policewoman, have been injured in the entire incident

Following a heated argument, the three women started hitting each other. Soon, other women also joined the fray, after which the local train compartment turned into a scene of dangal.

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