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Man sends objectionable email to PM; arrested

A man was arrested by the Gujarat Anti-Corruption Squad (ATS) last night in Badayun district of Uttar Pradesh and transferred him to Gujarat.

The arrested accused is alleged to have sent objectionable e-mails to the Prime Minister. The father of the accused Aman Saxena says that his son has studied from IIT and he is mentally unstable.

The accused’s father said that Tania, a girl from Delhi who is Aman’s friend, is also involved in sending the email to the Prime Minister’s office and Aman’s mobile phone is with Tania.

He said that Aman had taken an engineering degree from IIT Mumbai after which he quit his job a few days after his mental health deteriorated. The father informed that Aman was his only son. The family had evicted him by placing an advertisement in the newspaper for his bad behaviour. Accused Aman has been arrested earlier in the case of laptop theft.

Aman was a student at that time, the police recovered the laptop and released him. Even after that, his activities continued to be suspicious. Badayun Senior Superintendent of Police OP Singh said that an ATS team had come from Gujarat and Aman, a resident of Adarsh ​​Nagar area of ​​Civil Lines police station, was apprehended for interrogation.

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