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#MorbiBridgeCollapse: Twitterati call Muslim duo angels and heros; here’s why

Morbi bridge collapse in Gujarat has so far claimed 147 lives while the search for the missing continues. This human tragedy has united people and ended the divides created by religions. As the bridge collapsed, about 500 men, women and children fell into the waters of Machchhu river in Gujarat and many barely clung to the remnants of the bridge.

In this situation, Hindus and Muslims together came forward and jumped into the river to rescue people. The Rashtriya Ulama Council mentioned two Muslim youths who played a key role in rescuing the survivors in its post on Twitter. They have been identified as Taufeeq Bhai and Hussain Pathan.

The Rashtriya Ulama Council tweeted in Hindi, ‘Two angels! Taufeeq Bhai and Hussain Pathan! While Taufeeq Bhai transferred 35 lives to the hospital, swimmer Hussain Pathan saved 50 lives by swimming. The newspapers of Gujarat are singing their praises and telling them God’s servants. Will those who spread hatred against their society get rid of their habit?’

According to reports, Taufeeq Bhai was in the hospital where his wife delivered their daughter when he heard of the accident. He rushed to the spot. Locals told that Taufeeq helped everyone forgetting to take care of his wife and the newly born baby girl.

Twitterati called them angels and eulogize them for their selfless humanitarian act of helping the people in need regardless of the religion to which they belong.

While lauding them they shamed hatemongers who divide the society to gain power.

Here are some of the tweets:

A man who saved 50 people is from muslim community, how ever he is just a human for me while enemy for BJP.. Since he has shown humanity BJPians will still hate his community for the sake of vote bank. In your bad time humanity comes to your help not religion.

Great heroes. Two Indian Muslim youths  #HussainPathan and #TaufiqBhai save about 85 lives at a bridge collapse in Morbi Gujarat India regardless of the religions of the victims.

#HussainPathan and #TaufiqBhai The Two Heroes where Hussain Pathan transferred 35 lives to the Hospital role=link’ alt=”🏥” draggable=false title=Hospital class=”r-4qtqp9 r-dflpy8 r-sjv1od r-zw8f10 r-10akycc r-h9hxbl” v:shapes=”_x0000_i1025″> and Taufiq an expert Swimmer Swam and saved 50 lives at #MachhuBridgeColapse #Morbi! This is the befitting Reply to Merchants of Hate! #Humanity Transcends all Religions

Muslim angels saving lives. #MorbiBridgeCollapse Hussain Pathan transferred 35 people to the Hospital. Taufiq – an expert Swimmer – Swam and saved 50 lives.

Meet HussainPathan and Taufiq Bhai the two heros who saved atleast 70 + lives in Morbi incident . Hussain Pathan transferred 35 lives to the Hospital and Taufiq an expert Swimmer Swam and saved 50 lives .

Unsung heroes Hussain pathan and Taufiq The Two Heroes saved nearly 100 lives Taufiq an expert Swimmer Swam and single handed saved 50 lives at #MorbiBridgeCollapse

Two Heroes of #MorbiBridgeCollapse rescue ops. Hussain Pathan transferred 35 people to the Hospital Taufiq – an expert Swimmer – Swam and saved 50 lives Please join in Saluting the efforts of these R̶̵̶e̶̵̶e̶̵̶l̶̵̶ Real Life Heroes

Some people uses religion for politics to gain power… But the real sons of India counters that politics with “Responsibility” for the nation…great applause for Hussain pathan and Taufiq..✊

Hats Off to the selfless, life-saving efforts of Sri.Taufiq & Sri.Hussain Pathan. Please don’t belittle their humanitarian contribution, by appealing to the hatehmongers. No matter what you say, People will see what they want to see.

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