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Muslim man donates blood to save Hindu 2-month-old baby

Chhatarpur: A Muslim man donated blood to save the life of a Hindu 60-day-old baby boy in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur district. The infant, Vikas Gupta was suffering from anaemia.

Anaemia is a condition caused due to deficiency of healthy red blood cells that carry adequate oxygen to body’s tissues.

On Saturday, Rafat Khan, 36, was about to leave his house to offer namaz when he received a phone call about the baby who was in desperate need A+ blood. He did not hesitate even for a second and raced his motorcycle to the district hospital.

PTI quoted Khan as saying, “Without a second thought, I picked up my motorcycle and rushed to the district hospital to donate blood to the ailing child.”

Baby’s father Jitendra, a resident of Manoria village, had contacted Khan after he failed to source blood.

Jitendra is quoted to have said, “My son’s condition has improved now after Khan donated blood. He came like an angel and donated blood with a smile when my child needed it desperately.”

Khan has donated blood at least 13 times in the span of one year. It was pleasure for him to do such noble act. 

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