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Now hijab controversy erupts in West Bengal

Howrah: Two groups of students clashed in a government school in West Bengal’s Howrah district. A group was seeking permission to put saffron shawl around their neck during the exam because some girls had come to the exam in hijab.

 In the video, a small group of students can be seen gathered outside the school gate with saffron shawls around their necks while another group of students is inside the school.

School authorities and the police are also present to prevent scuffles between the two groups. According to the news agency PTI, a school spokesperson said the 5 students wanted to enter the school compound on Tuesday to attend the Class 12 Pre-Board exam.

They claimed that the girls studying with them had come for the exam in hijab the previous day. The spokesperson said that the authorities have asked every student of the school to follow the dress code so that there is no conflict. After receiving the information from the school authorities, the police immediately reached the school.
They calmed down the students standing outside the gate and the students inside the gate. 

Today’s exam has been postponed. Parents of children, management committee, headmaster and teacher in charge were present in the meeting on Wednesday.

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