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‘Those in hijab will be cut into pieces’: ABVP activist’s virulent video goes viral

Hyderabad: After Haridwar hate speeches, another video calling Muslim genocide has sparked outrage. A video of an ABVP activist went viral in which she was openly calling for Muslim genocide at an event organised to protest the recent murder of a Bajrang Dal member in Shivamogga. The hate speech of ABVP activist, Pooja has been widely circulated on social media.

The protest was being held in Karnataka’s Vijayapura.

In the video which went viral on social media, she can be heard as saying: “If you ask for water, Indians will give you juice. If you ask for milk, we’ll give you curd. But, if you want Hijab all over India, we will chop you all with Shivaji’s sword.” Her words were followed by applause and loud cheers from the crowd.

Ashok Swain a twitter user shared the video stating: “World’s attention might have diverted to Ukraine but India’s Hindu right wing is still busy with its open call for Muslim genocide!”

Pooja further added: “Saffron is India. We are happy with all the arrests that have been made, but it’s not enough…if you (government) cannot do it…give us 24 hours…let the government give us just one hour…not just these six girls in hijab, we’ll cut 60,000 in hijab into pieces.”

However, defending her calls for genocide against Muslims, Pooja said she was not referring to all Muslims but was only referring to those “wearing hijabs. News9 reported.

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