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Communists in Kerala declare war on Guv Khan, party organs take the lead

On Monday morning, Khan took the first shot hours later Vijayan hit back, and that gave the ammunition to many other Communist leaders to follow suit.

Thiruvananthapuram: The tiff between Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and the ruling CPI-M led Left led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan appears to be escalating as on Tuesday the party organs of the CPI-M and the CPI have decided to take the fight into Khan’s camp.

On Monday morning, Khan took the first shot hours later Vijayan hit back, and that gave the ammunition to many other Communist leaders to follow suit. Special articles in the party organs clearly indicate that there is not going to be a respite in near future.

Khan minced no words when he lashed out at the Communist ideology which he termed as alien. He said the cadres were indoctrinated to take on anyone who was against them.

Deshabhimani — the party organ of the CPI-M — carried two articles attacking Khan.

In the first one it says that Khan was one of the key politicians to be involved in the Jain Hawala case in 1989.

The report says that Khan was one of the politicians who got the maximum money to the tune of Rs 7.63 crore in installments and this is said in detail in a book by a leading journalist.

It also points out that in the statement of the prime accused Surendra Jain and also in the CBI charge sheet the name of Khan is there.

The second article portrays Khan as one leader who goes after positions and sold his ideology and went after the BJP.

This report points out that while being a BSP Lok Sabha member from Uttar Pradesh, “Khan took on the BJP and this very same Khan surprised one and all and joined the BJP in 2004, and caused a jolt to many, when he did this. Now in Kerala he is acting as a BJP soldier”.

In the CPI party organ — Janayugam — the heading says Khan’s press meet was a damp squib.

It goes on to say that a lot of noise was made in the past few days that Khan at his press meet would release a lot of information and when it was held it turned out to be a damp squib.

The only thing that surfaced at his press meet was he affirmed to one and all that he is an RSS man and his staunch opposition to the Communists also came out.

Meanwhile, CPI Rajya Sabha member Binoy Viswan wrote to the President that steps should be taken to reign in Khan and he should be told not to dabble into the affairs of governance and stick to the tenets of the Constitution.

State LSG and Excise Minister M.B. Rajesh said Khan himself has said that he was yet to see the Bills, and then how he could say that he won’t sign.

“This means that he is prejudiced and a Governor should not act like this. The least he should do is he should comment after reading,” said Rajesh.


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