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Extremely happy Kerala HC has done the right thing: Wife of security guard killed by beedi king

Jamanthi, wife of security guard Chandrabose, told the media that she heard this good news on TV.

Kochi: The wife of security guard who was killed by Mohammed Nisham , a beedi tycoon in Kerala, in a fit of rage as he rammed into him his Hummer luxury car, on Friday expressed happiness that Kerala High Court awarded life imprisonment to the accused.

Jamanthi, wife of security guard Chandrabose, told the media that she heard this good news on TV.

“We are extremely happy that the court has given this verdict as the crime that was done cannot be pardoned. We also expect that the state government will seek more punishment to him and will approach the Supreme Court with this demand,” said Jamanthi.

This gruesome incident occurred when Nisham on January 29, 2015, was in his Hummer and Chandrabose, the guard on duty at the apartment, did not open the gate quickly and angry with that, Nisham rammed his vehicle on the guard.

After that, Nisham put the bleeding guard at the back of his vehicle and hit him with a rod.

He further prevented the guard from being taken to a hospital and it was only after the police arrived that Chandrabose was taken to a hospital. But with serious injuries, the guard died on February 16.

Nisham was given a life term by the Trissur Sessions Court in January 2016 and it was against this that he filed a petition, but on Friday, a Division Bench comprising Justice K. Vinod Chandran and Justice C. Jayachandran while considering this failed to consider his plea and dismissed it.

This jolt has come at a time when the State is considering moving the apex court to give him a more severe sentence.

Nisham has varied business interests and is cooling his heels in jail. However, he is in no way to relent as, according to sources, he is planning to move the apex court against this verdict.

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