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Here’s why Muslims perform funeral rites of Hindu woman?

Mysore: Muslim residents of Ghousia Nagar in Mysore carried out final rituals of a Hindu woman Jayamma. They performed her funeral rites to fulfill her last wish. Her family had been living among Muslims for the last 40 years, hence while in the death bed she had requested her Muslim neighbours to perform last rites.

A twitter user Mohammed Irshad shared the video on twitter stating, “The final rituals of a Hindu mother Jayamma was carried by local muslim residents of ghousia nagar as per her last wish. Her family has been living there for 40years and while in death bed she had requested muslims to perform her last rites.”

The twitter user further added that according to her son, the woman had wished that Muslims should perform her funeral. He tweeted, “Her son further says it was my mother’s say that “Tomorrow if I die my muslim children will come to perform my funeral.” “Today was Friday, they said they will come after Friday prayers and will look after everything, and they did so, I cannot thank them in words” he added.”

Mohammed Irshad shared another post claiming, “This is from Kyathamarana halli village which is known as communal hot spot of Mysore. The family says they were living there in between hundreds of muslim families and everytime they have come to our help and protection.”

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