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Muslim women burn hijab in Kerala

Kozhikode: In solidarity with the anti-hijab movement in Iran, six Muslim women in Kerala burnt a hijab on Sunday, November 6, during a seminar which was organised by the Kerala Yuktivadi Sangam.

As part of the seminar titled “Fanos-Science and Free thinking,” held in Kozhikode, Muslim women, who are part of the organisation, burnt a hijab in solidarity with the anti-hijab movement going on in Iran.

This is said to be the first such incident of hijab burning reported in India.

The activists raised slogans and displayed placards in support of the women protesting against the enforcement of hijab in Iran.

Yuktivadi Sangam is a national organisation. It organises seminars every year on the topic of free thinking. People from various religions, including few Muslim women, took part in the event.

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