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Firing by Telangana Police in Visakha Agency Exposes Ganja Mafia in AP : TDP Alleges

Mr Babu asked why the AP State Police failed to curb ganja gangs while a large number of policemen came from the neighbouring State and arrested the smugglers.

Vijayawada: Telugu Desam Party leader and former Minister Nakka Anand Babu on Monday alleged that the nexus between the ganja mafia, the ruling YSRCP leaders and the AP Police got exposed once again following the latest raids and firing by the Telangana police in the Visakha agency area.

Mr Babu asked why the AP State Police failed to curb ganja gangs while a large number of policemen came from the neighbouring State and arrested the smugglers.

The seriousness of the situation could be gauged from the fact that the Telangana police had to open fire at one point of time. The AP Government and police owed an explanation to the people on this, he demanded.

Addressing a press conference here, the TDP leader alleged that the AP Government was not taking any action against mafia gangs just because the ruling YSRCP leaders were hand in glove with these smugglers.

As the AP Police were conniving with the mafia, outside agencies like the NIA, the CBI and the Telangana police were coming here to investigate smuggling cases.

The Jagan Mohan Reddy headed YSRCP regime should feel ashamed of itself for turning the state into a hub of National and International drug and ganja mafia.

Mr Babu asserted that the people had lost all trust in the AP Police with regard to nabbing the mafia gangs. There should be a comprehensive probe by the Central agencies into the ganja cultivation in Visakha agency, opium cultivation in Chittoor and operation of international heroin drug gangs from AP.

Reports said that Rs. 25,000 Crore worth ganja was being cultivated and illegally transported from Visakha agency every year.

The TDP leader demanded the State police to open their mouths on the reported cultivation of drug raw material ‘opium poppy’ in Madanapalle and Punganur areas in Chittoor district. Was this happening without the collusion of the ruling party Minister and leaders there?

This raw material would be used for cocaine, morphine, heroin and other drugs. The ruling party media itself has reported about poppy cultivation in Chittoor district, he pointed out.

He deplored that the state government was destroying the future of the state youth by not taking any action against the drug mafia. The youth were falling victim to the drug mafia, the former Minister added.

Mr Babu said that the Guntur Urban police seized liquid ganja that was being transported to Gujarat. These days, the ganja mafia has become rampant in the nook and corner of the State. But, the Government was not taking the required action.

For four days, the Telangana police conducted raids and made arrests of the ganja gangs in Visaka agency. All the while, the AP police remained silent on this, which exposed their failure and inefficiency.

The former Minister advised the YSRCP leaders not to harass the Adivasis in the aftermath of the raids by the Telangana police.


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