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Mother, daughter confine themselves in house for 3 yrs; Here’s why

Hyderabad: It has been more than a year since the terror of corona virus has ended and public life has returned to normal, but a mother and daughter in Andhra Pradesh have confined themselves to their homes for almost three years due to the fear of corona virus. The mother and daughter were shifted to the hospital by the police with the help of neighbors and relatives.

This incident came to light in Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh. Both of them were suffering from the fear and anxiety of Corona. The mother, daughter duo have been identified as Mani and Durga Bhavani respectively.

They have locked themselves at home for almost three years. The neighbors and their relatives reported this to the police after which the police reached there. The police with the help of the medical staff took the two women out of the house and shifted them to the Kakinada government hospital for treatment. The doctors said that both of them are suffering from mental problems and are being treated.

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